Our history

In 2004, Canchi Perforaciones S de R.L (Honduras) realized its first underground drilling work for the Montana Exploradora de Guatemala S.A (Marlin Mine) Mining. However, our history starts 9 years before.In the first days of its history, Canchi Perforaciones followed a geographical expansion strategy like a drilling conventional company. We acquired several drilling equipment of mining exploration with the goal to adapt them to the need of our customers and standardize each prototype to make easier our logistic management and inventory stock of replacement that gives to Canchi Perforaciones its strength to react quickly to all its problems associated to the maintenance and the repair.

We have extended our operations in the whole Central America and some parts of South America join up staff with talent and experience doing emphasis in the highest standards in health, occupational safety and taking care of the environment. We hope to continue growing up with our costumers in the future.

Important steps
in our history

  • In 2004, Canchi Perforaciones S de C.V.(Honduras) set up in business.
  • In 2006, Canchi Perforaciones de Panama S.A set up in business.
  • In 2008, Canchi Perforaciones Peru S.A.C set up in business.
  • In 2010, Canchi Perforaciones de Nicaragua S.A set up in business.
  • In 2011, Canchi Perforaciones Colombia Branch set up in business.

Health and Safety

Canchi Perforaciones carries out its activity of a proactive way to protect the safety, the health and the well-being of all the staff.

We think that the incidents and the injuries can be prevent. Our goal is to progress continuously our health and safety program to be between the companies with high sense of health and safety.

Our Mission

Our mission is to afford to our costumers an excellent diamond drilling service with the best price as possible, always achieving with the expectations and requirements required by themselves. Keeping likewise our agreement with the safety, health and environment.


Canchi Perforaciones knows the importance of the good environmental practices, with the constant development of our environmental program, we compromise ourselves to offer innovative solutions that will protect the human health, just like the essential environment for the development of the future generations.



Our company recognise that such a sustainable development can be difficult to accomplish but, we know firmly that is not acceptable to damage the environment for our own benefit.

With Canchi Perforaciones, the environment is always first!